"Make Love, Not Whores" and Ten Other Exxxotica Phrases of Protest

Maybe it's out Catholic upbringing, but Cultist has been feeling a bit guilty over all the coverage we've been giving Exxxotica Miami Beach lately. Sure, we might not be responsible for the smut, but we're helping to spread it like a bad case of the Clap.  So the least we can do ahead of next Friday's three day porn-o-rama at the Miami Beach Convention Center is throw out some advice to those who might want to protest Exxxotica as they have in the past.

We have to say, the "Say No to Porn" or "Porn Fuels Rape" placards don't have the same punch they used to. It's time to get creative people. Read on to see some ideas for placards, posters, or banners that are sure to grab the attention of passersby more than any T&A ever could.

11. Mamas Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up to Reverse Cowboy

10. It's WWJD, Not BBBJ

9. When You Masturbate to Porn All Your Dead Relatives Watch

(RIP Robert Schimmel!)

8. You Suck! (And Will Burn For It)

7. That Burning In Your Crotch Isn't Gonorrhea, It's Beelzebub!

6. The Wrong Cock Fights Are Illegal

5. Make Love, Not Whores

4. One Tricky Dick Is Enough for This Convention Center

(This is a shout out of sorts to the 1972 Republican National Convention

held in the same venue and which led to the nomination of one Richard


3. Two Double Penetrations Don't Make a Right

2. Pussies Are For Petting Not Eating (Except in Vietnam)

1. Give Hope Not Head!

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