"Make It Rain": Scott Campbell Goes Beyond Tattoo Clichés

After the advent of Von Dutch, Ed Hardy and a million other tattoo artist inspired life style brands, we're not exactly hot on the idea of any more inksters moving beyond the branding parlor into other aspects of culture. Don't get us wrong, we're thankful for the Miami Ink guys for Love Hate lounge and what not, but the world can only take so many gross tucker hats.

There's an exception to every trend though. Scott Campbell has been responsible for the body art of such fancy people as Marc Jacobs, model Lily Cole, and Heath Ledger, but lately he's been using canvases besides the body for his art. Unlike a lot of other body artists turned artists, he goes beyond just transferring his ink designs to the canvas (or $75 t-shirts). His works involves a lot of engraving and sculpture. Which makes his work seemed justified. He didn't just transfer his designs to another medium for a quick pay day or some recognition, it seems like he had aspirations that ink and epidermis just couldn't quench.   

Cool Hunting has a preview up, but you can see the real thing tmorrow during Campbell's debut solo show "Make It Rain" at O.H.W.O.W. tomorrow night.

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