Make It Memorable

Let’s face it, you overdid it last night. You got so excited that you didn’t have to face rush hour traffic, your boss, or that prick at the water cooler today that you decided to drink with reckless abandon and watch the late-night repeat of The Sopranos. So now you’re tired and cranky. Maybe you shouldn’t have had that last shot of Jaegermeister, but this is the last official three-day weekend for months! Now we know that the prospect of some good ol’ Judge Judy and All My Children-watching is tempting, but don’t spend today vegging out on the couch! Swing down to the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center for Picnic in the Park and relax to the sounds of the Miami-Dade Parks Symphonic Band in concert. Call 305-755-5455, or visit

From 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. there’ll be free music, food, and fun for you and the family. After the sun goes down and the kids are tucked in, the next stop on your chill tour should be Sheba (4029 N. Miami Ave., Miami), for Melodramatic Mondays. This spoken word dinner party is the place to be because cool vibes and cooler people are just what you need to face the rest of this work week. Call 305-573-1819.
Mon., May 28
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Raina McLeod
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