Major League Dreidel Exists, Coming to Miami

The only things little goys really know about Jewish culture they learned from A Rugrats Chanukah and kindergarten multicultural holiday celebrations. Basically this amounts to knowing there are eight days of presents and candle lighting, latkes taste great, and the lyrics to the dreidel song. 

During those kindergarten multicultural holiday celebrations, the teacher would pass out tiny wooden dreidels, but some students brought in their fancy dreidels from home, and everyone else would be jealous. Because we little kindergarten gentiles might not have understood the depths of Jewish culture, but we knew dreidel was awesome. 

So awesome is dreidel that it was only a matter of time until it went major-league. 

Birthright Israel Next: South Florida is teaming up with (((Shake))) and the Vagabond to bring Major League Dreidel to Miami this December 3. The classic game is reinvented with contestants seeing how long their dreidel spins on progressively smaller surfaces. A dreidel piñata, something sadly missing from those kindergarten multicultural holiday celebrations, will also be involved. To sign up, visit Birthright's website

Flyer after the jump.

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Kyle Munzenrieder