Magic Mike 2 Is Official! Will the Sequel Bring the Kings of Tampa to Miami?

See Channing Tatum Talks Magic Mike, Miami Living, and His Male Stripping Memories; Magic Mike 's Joe Manganiello Really, Really Loves Getting Naked (Video).

When we asked Channing Tatum about a possible sequel to Magic Mike, the movie about male strippers in Tampa loosely inspired by Tatum's own sordid past, he told us he'd love to reprise the story. "I would love to do Magic Mike 2," he said. "I'd want it to be big and crazy and just larger than life."

So we're not exactly joining in the collective orgasm the rest of the entertainment world is throwing today with news that Magic Mike 2 is officially in the works. Tatum confirmed the project to Glamour UK, saying, "We're working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger." Whatever, you read it here first.

Still, that's good news for straight girls and gay guys everywhere. But it's especially sweet for those of us in South Florida, because there's a chance that the sequel could be filmed in Miami. Read on for the spoilery details.

If you've seen Magic Mike, you know the film ends with most of the Kings of Tampa relocating to Miami in search of greater fame and fortune. So a sequel to the film would naturally be set in Miami, right?

Maybe not, Tatum told us. When we spoke, he seemed more interested in keeping the story in Tampa. "Maybe we do a prequel, something were we could get all the guys back together," he imagined. A prequel would, of course, be set in Tampa again.

Still, if the movies are meant to loosely mirror Tatum's own life, a move to Miami would make even more sense. When Tatum himself moved away from Tampa, it was to South Beach, in a tiny apartment at 13th and Collins.

A Magic Mike sequel set in Miami would also make sense in terms of demographics. Clearly, the original has earned plenty of female fans, and a decent number of gay male fans too. But those gay audience members probably want to see a gay character or two in the sequel. [Insert your own "aren't all the guys in Magic Mike gay?" joke here.] And you could also get at least a handful of straight guys in the audience if you add a corresponding handful of sexy Latinas.

You know what city has a whole bunch of gay guys and hot Latin women? Ours.

Of course, just because the sequel could (and should) be set in Miami doesn't mean it'll be filmed here. But Tatum & co seemed dead set on authenticity for the original, which was filmed in Tampa. Add Miami's burgeoning film scene, top it off with Trump's plans to build a movie studio in Homestead, and we can't imagine any reason we won't be seeing Magic Mike's actors around town in the near future.

On behalf of Miami's manmeat-loving constituency, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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