Magic City's Redband Trailer: A Play-By-Play

Magic City's having a tough first season. It debuted to low ratings, though those numbers may have been affected by the availability of its series premiere at the Miami International Film Festival, OnDemand, and online in the weeks leading up to its official debut. Critics have not been nice about its aesthetic or soapy ambiance. And its audience, though growing, is still small halfway through its first season, leading some to wonder if Starz will rescind its commitment to a second.

What's a premium cable drama to do to increase ratings? Add more boobies, of course.

So Starz has released a red-band trailer for the show, giving us all a more intimate look at those au naturel breasts the show's casting director had so much trouble finding here in Miami. From the looks of this video, Magic City is all violence and nudity, all the time. (Hey, it worked for Game of Thrones.) Let's watch it together, shall we?

0:00: Miami Beach, 1959. Hey, we know that hotel!

0:05: Boobies!

0:08: Now it's time to be king, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (Being king apparently involves looking pensive on a windblown beachfront balcony.)

0:13: More Fontainebleau. Is it really a good thing when your resort's exterior appears to have changed zero percent in the last half-century?

0:15: Boobies! (Almost.)

0:22: Blowjob!

0:28: Temper tantrum!

0:31: The Butcher, looking meaty. (And not in a good way.)

0:37: Face-punch!

0:39: "I run a clean shop." So this guy's just cleaning that gun? With his mouth?

0:47: Boobies!

1:00: Naked lady butt!

1:04: Bang!

1:07: "You handle that crazy bastard." C'mon, this is the red band trailer -- is "bastard" the best curse we're gonna get? (Spoiler: yes.)

1:08: Bikini chick! Beauty queens! Sexy lounge singer! Dead guy in a bathtub!

1:14: Bang!

1:17: Bikini chick! Sex scene! Naked sleeping! New Year's Eve! Car sex! Floating dead guy!

1:19: Misleadingly dramatic edit of a car crash, which, in the show, was caused by the action at 0:22.

1:25: "Sounds like a hell of a lot of fun." What, you won't take Jeffrey Dean Morgan's word for it?

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