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Magic City's Dominik Garcia-Lorido On Sex Scenes, Mitch Glazer, and Her Famous Father Andy Garcia

Magic City's first season on the small screen hasn't been an easy one. Critics have raved about the sets, and the Miami Herald even called it "irresistible television." But with the good, comes the bad. The New York Times had this to say: "The acting for the most part, is first rate. Too bad the writing isn't better." Ouch.

What can we say? You win some, you lose some. But there's one thing we know for sure: The cast is super sexy and super nice. Not only have we had the pleasure of checking out the set with Mitch Glazer, and attended a sit-down with the cast at the Miami International Film Fest, but recently, we caught up with Dominik Garcia-Lorido -- daughter of Andy Garcia, who's returned to her Miami home to play Mercedes Lazaro, a sultry housekeeper at the Miramar.

Read on to find out what she had to say about Miami, Magic City's next season, and whether we'll ever get to see her naked on screen.

Cultist: How did you enjoy living in Miami?
Dominik Garcia-Lorido: I loved it! I was born there, but I grew up in California, but spent most of my summers in Miami. It was great to be a local. I had never experienced it before. When I am in Miami now, it's very strange to not have anything to do. Living and working there was so fulfilling.

Didn't your dad, Andy Garcia, go to Miami Beach Senior High?
Yeah, he did. It's crazy when you think of how many great people went there -- Mitch Glazer, Mickey Rourke. Oh, and my mom grew up in Key Biscayne. We have a lot of ties to Miami.

Aw, Mitch Glazer. What was it like to work with him?
He is just the best. I don't know how it is on other shows, but we all talk all the time. He is so nurturing to his entire staff. He is our papa bear and his wife, Kelly Lynch, is our mama bear. He saw something in me that no one else did. He definitely had to fight for me to have this role. People would tell me I am too tall, not Latin enough, my voice was too deep. But Mitch embraced all of that and didn't want me to change a bit.

Was your dad excited about this role?
I was actually with him when I got the call. He was super excited. He could really relate.

With your dad being Andy Garcia, did he encourage or discourage you to be an actress?
They always supported me in whatever I did. They saw it made me really happy and that I worked really hard at it. It was something I always just liked. It's something I really couldn't stop doing.

Speaking of dad, are you related to your TV dad, Yul Vazquez, in real life? You guys look weirdly alike.
Right? People tell us that all the time. But no, we aren't. Yul doesn't have any children, so he call us his pseudo-children.

What did you think of the role when you first read it?
Well, I heard it was the role of a Cuban maid and my first thought was, "I am not playing a Cuban maid. That is so stereotypical." Then I read it and it was far from that. She is a strong, educated, young woman breaking all the stereotypes of Cuban women at the time. Then, it's also about young love with Danny and Mercedes. It's a role I am honored to have.

Are you a little bitter you have to wear a maid's costume most of the time? The other ladies' clothes are so chic!
I was at first. But its so comfortable. Most of the clothes from that era are really constricting, so I actually got lucky that mine was super loose. I'm very much a tomboy. I will take pants over a dress any day. Oh and I got flats most of the time which I love. It was a little hot in the summer, but eh, what are you going to do?

How's your Spanish in real life?
Um... not very good. I think I could get by in a foreign country. But honestly, it's not great.

When can we expect you guys to be back for season two?
We will be back in August.

Your second season was signed on before the first one had even premiered. That had to be a relief.
It was such a blessing. We never shot a pilot either, to see if it was picked up. We got the roles, moved to Miami, and started shooting the first week of July. We all just jumped in.

What have been the reactions from fans?
That they thought the first three episodes were good, but now they are fully invested. I get text from people like, "Okay. I am officially hooked. What happens next?" I actually don't remember! There are so many story lines and my character is kind of doing her own thing.

Have you been the only one to avoid a sex scene so far?
Yeah, everyone else is kind of naked most of their time on screen. Danny and Mercedes' relationship is a slow burn. You really start at the beginning with them. They are also the youngest adults on the show. Mercedes is a virgin and you start going through her with her first kiss. It's all about love with them.

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