Magic City Wants You to Be an Extra, Maybe

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When word got out that Magic City's casting directors had trouble finding Miami actors without breast implants a couple months ago, hundreds of this city's au naturel women cursed at their newspapers and computer screens: I'm right here, dammit, and I deserve to breathe the same air as Jeffrey Dean Morgan too.

Ladies, now's your chance.

Magic City's returning for a second season in 2013, but before filming gets underway, producer Mitch Glazer and company need to fill their sets with Miami hotties in '50s attire. And they're launching their search this weekend.

The casting call takes place Saturday and Sunday in Hollywood, at the Fred Lippman Center's Shuffleboard Auditorium. Even the casting location must be retro, apparently. What, Dania Jai-Alai was booked?

Representatives from the show will be looking for "all types 18 years of age and older, especially people with a late 50s early 60s look." You're encouraged to play up your own mid-century appeal by dressing in costume: "If you have a favorite hat, shirt or outfit that has a late 50s/early 60s vibe to it, wear it."

The casting doesn't specifically say that surgically enhanced actors are out of the running -- though tattoos must be covered and piercings must be removed for the auditions. But there is one part of the body that must look unmodified: "natural hair colors only," the call specifies.

Visit opencastingcalls.com for more information on how to audition. Good luck, you naturally busty bombshells!

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