Magic City Season Two Debuts in June

Have you missed the brooding gaze of Ike Evans? When you sleep, do you dream of Jessica Marais in a bikini? Are you considering starting a Kickstarter campaign to turn the Miramar Playa set into a real, modern-day hotel?

Good news: Magic City's second season begins in two short months, giving you plenty of time to stock your bar with retro cocktail mixers and perfect your early '60s cosplay for your premiere party.

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Season two of Mitch Glazer's Starz drama takes the sexy, scandalous cast into 1960. And while the first eight episodes focused mainly on tensions between Ike and Ben "The Butcher" Diamond, Glazer told New Times last year that season two would reflect the changing times -- including civil rights and Cuban unrest.

Season two also added new talent. James Caan's getting his Godfather on again as Chicago mobster Sy Berman. Esai Morales will play Carlos "El Tiburon" Ruiz, a Cuban rebel with Castro ties.

And of course, there's also Rick Ross, playing a '60s version of, um, Rick Ross.

It all kicks off on Starz the night of June 14. Mark your calendar, stock up on Cuba Libre supplies, and pass the time until then with this trailer.

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