Magic City Premieres Tonight; Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks About Hookers (Video)

If you haven't checked out Magic City by now, you only have yourself to blame. The world premiere of the Starz series premiere took place here in Miami in March. And the first three episodes have been streaming online for almost a week now.

Still, for old-fashioned, out-of-town Luddites who've made an exception for premium cable, tonight's a very special night: the TV premiere of the series. And just in case you need any more reasons to watch -- aside from the cars, the chicks, and the rest of the reasons we've laid out over the past month -- here's one more.

The day after the premiere,

we sat down with the cast at the Raleigh. Turns out, the stars are cooler in

person then they seem on the show. Mitch Glazer (a Miami

Beach High grad, by the way) is the nicest guy we have ever interviewed. And as for Jeffrey Dean

Morgan? Well, he called us a hooker to our face -- but he was so charming, it felt almost like a compliment.

Watch it all after the jump.

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