Madi's Tea Garden Throws a Harry Potter-Inspired Tea Party for Halloween

October has now become the best month ever because you get to wear your Harry Potter Halloween costume multiple times without looking like a total weirdo.

In addition to donning your house robes on the 31st, you can throw them on for Madi's Tea Garden Tea Room Harry Potter-Inspired Tea Party this weekend. Your mouth will not only be full of words as you try to say that fast three times, but also plenty of delicious English fare.

Madi's Tea Garden owner, Denise Gomez, has organized a special tea party celebrating her favorite book series complete with all the best wizardry decorations and treats her shop can handle.

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Earlier this year, Gomez threw a Downton Abbey-themed tea party, which she says was a great success. "We completely sold out and are considering another one for 2015," Gomez says, adding that despite how much fun it is to plan themed tea parties, it's hard to do as her shop is constantly being reserved for private parties.

"We try to balance it all out so we can have something special like this every three months or so. We have a great time preparing the menu, decorations, and activities and really work at making sure it's the best experience for our guests."

At the teatime honoring the Boy Who Lived, Gomez and her team have prepared a menu to include classic English meals that can also be found a little ways up the road in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando. Though she's keeping the final menu a secret for the ultimate element of surprise, Gomez does give us a taste of what to expect: "We will be serving some classic dishes from the series like shepherd's pie from the Three Broomsticks and sample some of Madam Rosmerta's famous Butterbeer."

The high tea service will be organized around all things Harry Potter taking its inspiration from both the books and movies.

"When guests arrive, we hope to transport them into our own world of Harry Potter; therefore, we are encouraging guests to dress as their favorite Harry Potter character and we will have a costume and a trivia contest."

Additionally, she plans on setting up an area with Potter props so guests can dress up and take photos.

For the trivia game, Gomez put together the set of questions after going back through the seven books and eight movies as reference. She wouldn't share an actual question that will be used during the event, but she did share an example: "During Professor Lupin's time as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, he was sick and Professor Snape took over his class. What creature did Snape insist they learn about during Lupin's absence?"


My wand -- and robe, and sweater, and bag, and time turner necklace, and round glasses -- is ready. Bring on the tea.

Madi's Tea Garden Tea Room Harry Potter Inspired Tea Party will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 25 and 26, starting at 2 p.m. Tickets cost $35 and can be purchased via Madi's Tea Garden Square store. Guests will not be admitted without a ticket.

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