Mad Men Costume Party at Cafeina With Free Classic Cocktails

Ever since the final episode of the last season of Mad Men, we've spent Sunday nights making our stylish Mad Men Barbie dolls chain-smoke and cheat on their wives. So consider us the target demographic for hipster lounge Cafeina's Mad Men party tomorrow night. Called the Mad Men-edition of the "People We Love" party series, it honors Calix Gustav Gallery owner/curator Amanda Fernadez-Leon, who's a big fan of the show, which starts its fourth season this Sunday.

At this TV-themed soiree, all are encourage to dress the part: so wrap necks in skinny ties, slip breasts into cone-shaped bras, as always, white gloves are optional. Looking the part will be easy. But can you walk and talk like a womanizing ad exec or his doting secretary?

Here's a video montage of some of the show's best lines, like when badass Joan

tells naïve Peggy: "This isn't China. There's no money in virginity."

Watch "That What She Said" after the jump.

Seven of the show's nine writers are women, so it's the gals who get the best lines -- even though they're enslaved in ktichen servitude and constricted in their girdles.

[via PopSugar]

DJ Joe Dert will spin vintage classiscs and the bar will serve (free!) Tom Collins and Vodka Gimlets until 11 p.m. The  party lights up at 9 p.m. at Cafeina (297 NW 23rd St., Miami). RSVP required to cafeina@taraink.com. Call 305-438-0792 or visit cafeinamiami.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.