MAC Cosmetics Evokes Ass-Kicking Wonder Woman to Sell You Lipstick

Women's roles have been constantly evolving but it seems we've always to be all and do all. We have to head to work and be the briefcase-baring business ingénue; then do the baking, cooking, laundry, dishwashing as the happy homemaker; only before being the purrrfect negligee-wearing, sexy time sex kitten. This, of course, is all while being a stellar girlfriend chatting it up over martinis, being there for your sister, performing daughterly duties, and having play dates for the kiddies. In heels. You've basically got to be all four Sex and the City gals rolled into one and then some. Who amongst us hasn't wished they could spin and become Wonder Woman just like '70s era Lynda Carter?

MAC Cosmetics is trying to help us out -- or at least trying to tap into

our nostalgia for ABC's The New Original Wonder Woman series --  with

makeup branded around this sexy superhero.

The spring 2011 collection, debuting February 10, features bright,

confident boosting shades like Obey Me nail lacquer, Spitfire lipstick

and Mighty Aphrodite powder blush. You can even bat your butt-kicking

lashes in purple-hued Victorious and envy-inducing Army of Amazons.

The collection, featuring bold colors and larger than life packaging (no

really, the packages are actually bigger) are a nod to Wonder Woman's

iconic status, classic beauty and women's empowerment.

Just a couple swipes of Insurmountable dirty-blue-grey shadow on the

eyes and a dab of Heroine lipstick on the pout will have even the

meekest of women feeling she can rule the world, one 24-hour working,

baking, gabbing, martini-drinking, laundry-doing day at a time. Or at least look hot while doing it.

--Rebecca Salgado

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