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MAC Cosmetics and Disney Conspire to Make You Look Evil

MAC Cosmetics is known for their bold colors, haute hues, and edgy looks. Their latest Venomous Villains collection, a years-long Disney collaboration set to launch today, is no different. While most brands would choose to get their inspiration from the bright-eyed, rosy-cheeked princesses, it seems only natural that MAC would instead opt to embody the dark side of beauty with a collection inspired by Disney's most wicked leading ladies (and gentleman): Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, the Evil Queen, and Dr. Facilier. In other words, doe-eyed damsels in distress need not apply. Now, who's ready to get their mean girl on?

Comprised of deep purples, vibrant reds, and even a few light shades, there's something for every bad girl.

For the hater: If doling out poisoned apples to the leggy blonde in

accounting is all in a day's work for you, go with the Evil Queen

collection. The mirror will be changing its tune once you've slapped on

some Sinister lipstick and Bite of an Apple blush. Plus, long

legs will be feeling dopey she didn't buy it first.

For the snubbed: Don't get your spinning wheel in a twist, just get the

Maleficent collection. The pearly, mineral eye shadow duos in Violetta

and Dark Deed are sure to get them shaking in their boots. Green glow and

creepy music sold separately.

For the PETA-impaired: Nothing compliments a fur coat like the Cruella

de Vil collection, especially the cherry red lipstick in Heartless.

You'll go from vapid to vampy quicker than you can say woof. Note: Looks

equally chic on tree hugging, faux-fur wearing girls.

For the voodoo vixen: Sure you'd like to turn your ex's new girl into a

toad but why not make her green with envy instead? Just dust on some

Brash & Bold pigment of Dr. Facilier's collection, and let the

bright magenta work its magic.

Still not sure if these looks are right for you? MAC's VP of Product

Development, Jennifer Balbier, says these characters are definitely naughty. They're not sweet

princess types, and they aren't afraid to be mean. In other words,

this collection is for women who think becoming evil incarnate just

once a month is simply not enough...and I think we all know a lady or two

like that.

-- Rebecca Salgado


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