Love Don't Live Here: Four of the Top Ten Cities for Divorce Are in Florida

They say winter is depressing and spring is the season of love, but it seems Florida's endless summer keeps the fire burning a little too hot for any passions to run wild.

According to datA collected by the American Community Survey and calculated by the Daily Beast, four of the top ten cities for divorce are in the Sunshine State, with the number one divorce capital being Panama City. The Huffington Post put together a handy little map so it's easier to see -- or to rub it in our faces.

All right, so love isn't blossoming in Florida, but at least we've got perfect weather and sandy beaches. Maybe that's why these relationships aren't working out. There are just too many other options. Alongside love-torn destinations such as Grand Junction, Colorado; Reno, Nevada; and Medford, Oregon; here's how Florida stacks up.

9. Jacksonville

Divorced population: 13.0 percent

Divorced population rank: 37

8. Palm Bay

Divorced population: 13.3 percent

Divorced population rank: 28

6. Daytona

Divorced population: 13.5 percent

Divorced population rank: 19

1. Panama City

Divorced population: 15.5 percent

Divorced population rank: 2

Check the rest of the list at our sister paper Westword, and see the full map of shattered bliss via the Huffington Post.

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