Look Who Showed Up at the Miami Babylon Book Reading

Just last week, investigative journalist Gerald Posner complained to the New York Post that no one in town would throw a party for the release of his new book detailing the cocaine-fueled history of Miami Beach, Miami Babylon. Not even Tara Solomon, who would throw a party for anything.

Well, there might not have been an open bar and a guest list, but boldface names showed up for Posner's reading and book signing last night at Design Within Reach on Lincoln Road. Bill Cooke, camera in hand, snapped pics of Tara Solomon, Irene Marie, and former Miami Beach Mayor Alex Daoud. Current Mayor Matti Bower, Carlos Betancourt, and designer Barbara Hulanicki were also reportedly in attendance.

While those folks were content to hear Posner tell tales of a time when they were all relevant, noticeably absent was Ingrid Casares. She took to Twitter today to declare, "gerald posners book.. is complete fiction.. maybe all those facelifts clouded his memory.. pathetic."

Click here view the full slide show from the event.

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Kyle Munzenrieder