"Curves" by Lochai

Loco Lochai: Fetish Photography at the World Erotic Art Museum

Browsing his most recent show, you get the feeling few people enjoy their job as much as photographer Lochai.

His Beach Bound exhibit at the World Erotic Art Museum (1205 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach) is a study in Lochai's various fetishes. While front and center is the theme of women in bondage -- hence the show's title -- the photographer's NC-17 tastes clearly run the gamut: the images include a nun in a leather gas mask, a naked woman perched above a toilet, and an androgynous figure in a full-body rubber suit, lying in a bathtub being pummeled by running water from the spout above.

But as unlikely as it sounds, the images aren't necessarily shocking -- nor does that seem to be Lochai's intent. And instead of the violence you might expect from a portfolio of bondage photos, there's a playfulness instead. In images that might otherwise invoke terror -- for instance, the pair that shows a woman left bound by a hotel bed, or in an eerily domestic living room -- the subjects gaze with a mix of mockery and intrigue at the camera.

As to whether you should go to this show, it's fetishism -- either it gets your attention or it doesn't. If you're a regular reader of "Savage Love," you'll probably find this exhibit, at the least, entertaining. If you've ever protested a gay Teletubby, on the other hand, you should probably save your cash for Miami Spice.

If you do go, be sure to wander around the rest of the museum, which is surprisingly expansive for a place that's very missable from the outside. They've got it all here, with perverse pieces from all over the world, ranging from the contemporary (an 8-foot golden penis statue) to the ancient (Chinese jade dildoes). You won't look at a lamppost, or a bald guy, the same way for the rest of the day.

-- Gus Garcia-Roberts

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