Local Trans Teen Jazz Jennings Shows Support for Bruce Jenner

When Olympic gold medalist and reality-TV star Bruce Jenner confirmed the rumors that he is a transgender woman, local trans teen Jazz Jennings praised him for his bravery. (A note about pronouns: Per GLAAD's guidelines, New Times is referring to Jenner by the masculine pronoun and his birth name. Jenner has indicated that, for the time being, this is his preference.) "It's powerful and brave for anyone to discuss being trans. Hope it inspires people who need to hear more voices like theirs. #BruceJenner," Jennings tweeted Friday. 

Jenner revealed in a two-hour interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer that he had begun to transition. "For all intents and purposes, I am a woman... I was not genetically born that way, and as of now I have all the male parts... But I still identify as female. It's very hard for Bruce Jenner to say that. Why? Because I don't want to disappoint people," Jenner said. The reality-show star also confirmed he will document his transition in a series on E!. The one-hour show, which is not yet titled, will premiere July 26 at 9 p.m. 

Jennings, a South Florida trans teen largely considered one of the youngest to transition, will also have a docuseries scheduled to air this summer. Jennings and her family will be the subject of an unscripted reality show on TLC. All That Jazz will focus on the challenges of the 14-year-old trans girl and follow her as she enters adolescence and has to navigate typical teen drama. 

“Jazz’s story is universal yet unique,” Nancy Daniels, general manager of TLC, said in a statement. “Jazz may be known as an author and activist, but she’s first and foremost a teenage girl with a big, brave heart, living a remarkable life.”

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