Local Filmmakers Compete in "I'm Not Gonna Move to LA" Interactive Showcase

"I'm not gonna move to LA!" It's a sentiment echoed by many a devoted Miami resident trying to break into the film industry. The West Coast center of the film world may have nice weather and beautiful people, but it is no Miami. And as Miami's film industry continues to grow, would-be Kubricks and Kurosawas have more and more opportunities to grow as artists.

Case in point: today's interactive film showcase. Presented by Indie Film Club Miami at O Cinema at 7 p.m., five short films compete for the Audience Award and $1,000 worth of movie-making rental equipment.

"There's bucket loads of creativity in this city and I'm anxious to see what we're up against," said Frank And The Rabbit director Paul Vincent Alexander. "We are extremely happy with our movie, which was made in 48 hours, so we'd be intent on seeing how our team stacks up against movies that were months in the making."

The event is hosted by Miami Dade College's Barry Gordon and features musical guest Ocsar Fuentes. Food will provided by one of Short Order's favorite food trucks, Purple People Eatery. The showcase is an interactive event where audience participation is encouraged and rewarded. The best part? Tickets are just $8.

Frank And The Rabbit was made as part of the 48 Hour Film Project, the story of retired detective Frank Bullseye being sought back into the line of duty by a damsel in distress.

"Our film was created by actors," said Alexander. "Every actor was given the ability to put their own life behind each character...which grants the actor freedom of expression within the confines of the story"

Another film up for the prize, Moon Yale, directed by Hunter Wolk, tells the take of Yale students preparing for their university's impending destruction at the hands of an asteroid. The movie actually started as a commissioned project by Yale University to be shown to graduating students and parents.

"We were worried it wouldn't play to a wider audience," said Wolk, a Miami Beach native. "So we went in and cut it way down, removing as many inside jokes as possible while keeping the narrative intact. I think that actually made the film better."

Other films on the agenda include El Torero, the story of a young, penniless bullfighter who loses his cape and is forced to steal another one shot on location in Spain; Mace & Hatchet, presented by director of photography Giovanni Torres, starring a couple of wacky detectives trying to catch an evil "but pretty-faced" drug lord; and Boob Envy, presented by director and Pembroke Pines resident Verena Faden, a short documentary about Miami's plastic surgery culture created for Current TV.

The films will be shown in succession, with a short break in between, and judged immediately after. In addition to the five short films, an episode of the Going Nowhere web series directed by Chris Cropper and Larry White will be screened. The event goes from 7 to 10:30 p.m. For more info, visit the website.

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