Local Boutiques' Style Guide to Killing It on New Year's Eve 2015

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For the little Hipster Around the Corner:

NYE celebrations of rooftop gatherings with fancy wine names you dare not attempt to pronounce, and tailored anything, make you queasy. The only place worth chilling at on the beach is The Broken Shaker with an Old Fashioned in one hand and a burning cigarette in the other. New Year's Eve consists of last minute outfit-grabbing and "throwing things together" because procrastination is your hobby-turned-profession of choice - and because you're just cool like that.

Where: Electric Boutique

Who: Look-book stylist and Assistant Buyer, Carol Perez

From Day:

"December in Miami is still pretty hot, so this denim cape is light and perfect for an added flare to an otherwise basic outfit."

To Night:

"This outfit is far from sparkles, but will totally set yourself apart from the rest this New Year's Eve. The white of oversized shirt dress symbolizes new beginnings, and adding the fur coat and thigh highs off sets the masculine look of the dress, automatically making it sexy."

Where: The Webster South Beach

Who: Markus Ekman, Store Manager of The Webster South Beach

From Day:

"I like to dress easy during the day: Fear of God from Los Angeles is making some really cool tee's and are perfect for warmer climates. I always try to add some fun color to my looks, hence the Valentino sneakers."

To Night:

"It's a bit of a rock'n'roll but still dressy. The Neil Barrett shirt adds a lot of detail with the neutral contrast. And you can't go wrong with a good leather jacket."

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