Local Artist Lebo's Illustrations Featured in Miami Heat Story on

Ha! We knew it was just a matter of time until all this Miami Heat hysteria would filter down to our city's artistic lifeblood and provide a much needed adrenalin shot for the summer doldrums. Actually, we never thought it would. Why would it unless a newly crowned Lebron James, or better yet a refined Chris Bosh, decide to open a gallery in Wynwood (we can still hope, but don't cross your fingers.)

But back to the art, come to find out that Miami artist Lebo, also known as David Le Batard (who has become a staple of our Artopia parties), hitched his art wagon along the Heat bandwagon. Lebo provided the illustrations for a feature story on three Miami Heat players (no, not those three) on

Props to Lebo and ESPN for the clever use of flash to make his

illustrations move along the storyline as the reader scrolls down the

page. The story was written by Dan Le Batard, Miami Herald columnist,

ESPN contributor, and 790 The Ticket radio personality. And yeah, the

two are brothers.

We're proud and happy for Lebo as he continues his ascent to artistic

stardom. He's been almost as ubiquitous in Miami as Romero Britto but without actually being Britto, which is a definite plus. As well as lending his talent to Artopia, he's been all over Art Basel, and even decorated a food truck.

Even so,  we can't help getting a chuckle out of over the irony of him providing

illustrations for a sports story, even one written by his bro. After

all, Lebo used to be featured on a recurring segment on his brother's radio talk show precisely

because he knew next to nothing about sports, which, it must be said,

is not altogether a bad thing.

Check out the Lebo's illustrations here, or go to his website for some of his other work.

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