Little Havana Rooster Back Home After All-Night Bender at FIU

It turns out the perps who plucked el gallo cubanoamericano from his Little Havana perch last Friday are a bunch of frat-house peckers from FIU and not the savior we prayed for to liberate us from unsightly public art.

The hijacked cock was returned to Pablo Canton last night stripped of his patriotic colors and spray-painted white. Apparently he spent the weekend giving Roary the Panther some competition and clucking it up at a party celebrating the Golden Panthers' 17-10 win over the UCF Knights.

Canton is keeping his beak closed about the identity of the birdbrained

bums, saying only he's elated to have his prized cock back. Canton says

the bad eggs have repented and will foot the bill to restore his

befouled rooster to its former splendor. The yokels have also agreed to

clean up Little Havana's streets as penance for the caper.

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