Lit Nerd Gift Guide: Ten Presents for Bookworms

'Tis the season of consumerism -- two weeks of frantic shopping and searching for the perfect gift to prove to your loved ones that you care. In that spirit, Cultist presents a series of holiday gift guides for the cultured snobs on your list. Read on, buy things, and thank us later. With gifts.

Reading is the bomb. The best way to escape the misery of everyday life is by drowning in the misery of other people's everyday lives through a great book. Seriously. It's better than yoga, pot, or sex.

Maybe you yourself are not a giant literary nerd (neanderthal), but you definitely have someone in your life who lives and breathes books. In a world where books are increasingly more for show on shelves than reading, it's important to encourage consumption of the written word.

The bookworms you love usually have all the books they need, but they don't always have all the book accessories necessary to encourage delightful reading experiences. Let's take a look at some presents fit for a lit nerd.

Reading, though a delight, can also be a strain on your baby blues. Maybe your bookworm friends can see perfectly now, but in a few years, they'll have a massive collection of Walgreens $2 magnifying glasses, mom-style. This Jonathan Adler pink heart glasses case will come in handy at that point.

Your book loving pal probably isn't a total fashionista. It's your job to help her out and turn her total nerd into nerd chic. Is nerd chic even cool anymore? Who cares, it's better than just plain nerdy. Buy your style-challenged friend this "Reading Is Sexy" pin. It will pop on any librarian's lapel. Grab one on badideasleepover's

You also have a friend who loves words and who dresses fancy and rich. This is the lady to whom you grant one of these fabulous Olympia Le-Tan clutches. Each is embroidered to resemble the cover of your favorite book. Crafty and so freaking cute. We love these bags (hint)!

These NERD book ends aren't just the perfect gift for Pharrell, but also for that special man who stimulates both your mind and your genitals. Nerd is a compliment to the reader in your life, so grab one of these on KnobCreekMetalArts' Etsy.

Magnetic bookmarks are totally necessary for those who flip often and flip hard. These New Yorker cat page markers are purrrfect for the cat-book-New Yorker lovers in your life. There are many of these out there. So many.

Also catfully delightful for the nerd that is obsessed with felines is this Kindle case. Probably, this is more appropriate for an aunt or gay uncle, because only old people own Kindles. Let's be honest. This cutie is available on bertiescloset on Etsy.

​Miami native Eva Talmadge and Justin Taylor put together the most fabulous gatherings of images of literary tattoos in The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos for Bookworms Worldwide. This is a great present for all those of your friends who are so devoted to words and stories that they ink their bodies permanently in homage. Pick one up at Books and Books.

Let's cover all the stereotypes here. Coffee loving book nerds need a cappuccino cup from The Strand, NYC's best place to get new, used, rare, and out-of-print books and stuff. This is for your pretentious friend who's too good for anything but Manhattan and fancy brew.

​You know how book lovers tend to be dramatic? Well, this "Reading Saved My Life" limited edition print by L.A. artist Ashkahn expresses something a true Blanche DuBois would get. Made for Skylight Books, this is wonderful way to encourage your Sylvia Plath-obsessed teenaged daughter to not do herself in. Sometimes a DJ saves your life, sometimes it's a book.

Happy holidays!

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