The Heat's super-old dancers put Weezy in a great mood.
The Heat's super-old dancers put Weezy in a great mood.
Joseph R. Cotter

Lil Wayne Loves the Golden Oldies, Miami Heat's Elderly Dance Team (Video)

Most Miami Heat fans left last night's losing game against the Boston Celtics in disappointment.

But Lil Wayne isn't most fans.

The rapper watched most of the game quietly, looking away to text or talk to friends. He barely batted an eye when the Miami Heat dancers strutted across the court. He didn't even respond to most of the nearby fans who shouted at him, trying to get his attention.

Still, there was one part of the night Weezy definitely enjoyed: the gyrating moves of the Golden Oldies, the Miami Heat's dance team for fans age 62 and up.

Check out the video after the jump.

Two words: Loving it.

That's the only time we saw Lil Wayne applaud during the game -- let alone dance, shout, hold his head in disbelief, wipe tears of laughter out of his eyes, or instruct anyone to "get low."

According to the Miami Heat website, the Golden Oldies are a group of "eternally young" dancers ranging in age from 62 to 82 years old, all of whom met at their Jazzercise class in Pembroke Pines. You can catch them at Heat home games about once a month... or in the video below:

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