Lezberados: Mimi Gonzalez and Sandra Valls Tear it Up at Club O1

Oh, we love funny lesbians. Ellen DeGeneres, Lily Tomlin, Bea Arthur -- no wait, Maude wasn't a lesbian. Either way, you get the picture: Sapphic sweethearts can be pretty damn funny. And this fact was proven true yet again at the Lezberados show last night.

Funny gals Mimi Gonzalez and Sandra Valls hit the stage at Club O1 above Nikki Beach as part of this weekend's Pride festivities. We suspect that no one in the audience will have to exercise their abs for the rest of the month.

The show started off badly, but not because of the comediennes. Somebody at either Pandora Events or Icandee needs to get on the ball. The show was advertised everywhere as having an 8 p.m. start time, but the audience had to wait an entire hour later to finally see someone on stage - and then it wasn't the comediennes but instead, Alison Burgos, one of the promoters. Not only did she not apologize for making the audience lose an hour from their lives, but she then proceeded to ramble on about upcoming Pandora events for 15 minutes or so. We don't care, bitch. We want the funny.

Fortunately, after Gonzalez and Valls hit the stage, the pain of listening to Burgos seemed to lessen considerably. It's amazing to me that these ladies don't have their own show - what is going on? They were so funny and gregarious that it's hard to understand why they haven't been signed to a 5 year deal.

Gonzalez opened and within minutes you could hear people gasping for breath. She has a bit on women being nuts as a result of being on the lunar cycle that is dead on. Watching her go through all the phases, from the "Why did I leave the house today? Even the cat doesn't like me. I need chocolate," phase, to the "Everyone is great. I'm great," phase, is like watching a schizophrenic acting out each of the voices she hears. She plays each to perfection. Her comedy is real and she doesn't pander to the audience.

Same goes for Valls. What they say onstage about being such good friends is believable, because both women have an honesty and charm that most comedians are missing these days. Valls' skit about cats had everyone in the audience losing it. Let's just say that cats are like hookers and leave it at that - I don't want to massacre her bit. She also has a"worst case scenario" bit about how she and her girlfriend got together (she claims the story is true and I believe that 99% of it was), which made the audience laugh so hard there were people actually crying.

Two highlights of the evening were actually musical. Gonzalez and Valls sing a duet of their song, "Lezberados" that is cute, funny, and further endears you to them. They have great chemistry and really play off each other well. The other highlight is Valls's voice. The woman sings like Janis Joplin without a whisky-coated throat. What a set of pipes! Her rendition of "Natural Woman" resulted in a standing ovation.

Fortunately for the promoters, Valls and Gonzalez put on a kick ass show, otherwise people may have asked for their money back. Once you saw the two women perform though, you realized that a good comedian is priceless. And two? Even better.

Here's a little taste of the chemistry Valls and Gonzalez put to use on stage:

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