Legislature Looking To End Some Public Arts Funding

Florida has already taken quite the axe to its government funded arts spending, but legislators already are looking for more ways to tighten the budget. They're debating whether or not to cancel any artwork purchased under a law that requires public buildings to set aside 1/2% of their budget, but no more than $100,000, for artwork.

That would save about $400,000 annually, which is a lot, but not a lot. In any event, axing this one measure isn't going to single handily bring the budget under control. And, one has to wonder how easy this bill would be to reverse should we find ourselves, God willing, in better economic times sometime soon.

Mixing creativity with bureaucracy is never a pleasant thing, but supporting the arts, not to mention adding a bit of creativity to otherwise bland government buildings, is worth it.

update: Ah, looks like the measure is being supported by Sen. Rhonda Storms, whom we love so very much.

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