LeBron James Will Star in Judd Apatow's Next Movie

He's a sitcom producer. He's four different cartoon characters. Oh yeah, and he's also the best player in the NBA, helping the Heat on their way to yet another championship.

LeBron James has a lot going on. But he's still making time for Hollywood. His next project: the Judd Apatow vehicle Trainwreck, starring alongside A-lister Tilda Swinton; SNL alums Bill Hader and Colin Quinn; and other funny folk including Mike Birbiglia and Amy Schumer, who wrote the screenplay.

Oh yeah, Method Man's in it, too. Why the hell not.

Plot details are currently being kept secret, and with such an eclectic cast, it's hard to imagine what this movie'll be about. Brie Larson (United States of Tara; The Spectacular Now), Ezra Miller (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), and Captain Philips' Somali pirate Barkhad Abdi round out the rest of the stars.

We're just hoping there's at least one scene in which LeBron interacts with Swinton. There's no telling what would happen, but it would surely be fun to watch.

If this story were about anyone but LeBron, this is where we'd speculate that all this attention to Hollywood projects might distract the player from the playoffs at hand. But hey -- this is LeBron. He helped the Heat destroy the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday, and will likely do so again tonight.

So have fun out there in Hollywood, LeBron. And try to convince them to shoot a few scenes in the 305, okay?

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