LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Got Their Ballet On Yesterday (Photos)

Miami's LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are two of modern basketball's biggest names. Miami's Jeanette and Patricia Delgado are two of modern ballet's most celebrated dancers. So some advertising genius thought to pair the two pairs in an ad campaign to promote the rising arts scene downtown.

The results are, well, hilarious.

Before James, Wade, and the rest of the Heat crushed the Lakers yesterday, the players and dancers gathered at American Airlines Arena to release the photos from their shared shoot. Check out the photos below for faux-bullying, fierce poses, and the full version of LeBron's WTF face.

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If you were expecting more showmanship from Wade, think again; he told reporters that he's never studied dance, and doesn't even enjoy going out dancing: "Unfortunately, I didn't get that gene."

You know that face you make when LeBron pulls off an impossible dunk? That is how LeBron feels about Jeanette Delgado standing on pointe.

Something tells us Wade was a really effective middle school bully. "Go ahead, Patricia Delgado. Just take the basketball. I'm holding it right here, above your head, which only rises to the level of my armpit even though you're literally standing on the tips of your toes. What, you can't reach?"

Somebody please turn this moment into an Odd Couple-style sitcom.

Update -- Also, there's video:

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