This could be us, but you don't do acro.
This could be us, but you don't do acro.
Courtesy of Trio Yoga

Learn the Art of Acrobatic Yoga with H2Om AcroJam

Remember when, as a child, you had summers off and all you wanted to do was play outside and do cart wheels with your friends? Then you grew up and took on these little things called responsibilities. Ugh. But that doesn't mean that adult you shouldn't get to have some fun, especially at the end of the workweek.

Enter H2Om: AcroJam with Arianne and Alina at the Standard. The acroyoga workshop is taking place this Friday, July 10, from 8 to 10 p.m.

In case you're not familiar, acroyoga is basically acrobatic yoga with a partner. If you've ever passed by New World Symphony on a Thursday or Sunday and seen a bunch of yogis doing cool tricks using each other's bodies as props, well then you've witnessed acroyoga first hand. And contrary to what your eyes are having you believe, it's actually not that hard (even if you've never gotten your downward dog on before).

"It's going to be a blend of partner yoga with assisted stretching, connecting with our breath and bodies cause the ultimate goal of acroyoga is connection," says Arianne Traverso. "You don't have to have any previous experience so long as you're open." Indeed, so much of yoga is about being open and if anyone can teach you to fly, it's definitely Traverso. Not only has been practicing and teaching acroyoga for a decade everywhere from the Standard and Soho Beach House to retreats worldwide but in January 2013 she opened her own studio in Wynwood. Trio Yoga is one of the few places to offer acroyoga classes (Mondays at 8 p.m.).

For this installment of H2Om AcroJam she's teamed up with her longtime sidekick Alina who teaches throughout Broward to bring spread the love of acroyogis within the community. "The essence of acro is to blend the wisdom of yoga with the playfulness of acrobatics and the healing touch of Thai massage."

Since acro is touch-heavy and all about body contact, consider this the perfect set up for date night and to maybe get to know someone you're trying to woo a little better. Just want to have fun? Bring your friends or ride solo and learn to become more aware of your body. Who knows, you might even make a connection with one of the 40 (that's the limit) or so people attending the class.

H2Om AcroJam costs $30 per person and includes access to the Standard's co-ed hamam and indoor baths. 

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