Fashion Breadown: Staring at Stars chiffon kimono jacket, lace dress from LF, shoes by Camper, vintage Coach bag, vintage chandelier necklace and belt, tiny heart charm necklace from clay_pot.com, and hair by Keith at Vidal Sassoon.

Lauren's Kimono Goes Floral

Name: Lauren Krebs
Occupation? Wardrobe stylist
Is the heart tattoo the only one you have? Wouldn't you like to know...

Going into fall, do you tend to follow the trends? It's what ever mood I'm in. My colors do tend to change a

little bit more like the deep velvety reds, darker greens and grays. Summers

are a little more vibrant.
How many pairs of shows do you own? tons.
And heels? About 40, but I broke my foot this summer so I've been staying off the heels.
On your way here what where you listening to? Chromeo and a little jazz.
Friday nights where can we find you? Possibly eating Mac N' Cheese, but honestly I don't go out on Friday nights. I go out Thursdays.

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