Latin Gay Film Festival Announces Line Up

I didn't know Miami had a Latin Gay Film Festival. In fact, outside of Almodovar, I didn't even realize there was much going on in the way of queer Latin cinema. Reading the festival's program proved me wrong, and here, in this very post, I have re-digested what I've learned for your informational pleasure. 

The festival kicks off with Quemar Las Naves on April 16th, about two young siblings: a sister who has to care for her dying mom while her brother gets it on with Juan, "a tough new student who awakens a sense of danger, desire and possibility in him." The sister is jealous, because no one has awakened a sense of danger, or done much else, in side of her.  

Spinnin' features an on-screen countdown of 101 kisses. Ok. El Patio De Mi Carcel is an award winning film about women in prison produced by Pedro Almodovar's brother Augustin. Then there's Aquarelas, which, not gonna lie, from the description, sounds like softcore porn with a "nerdy young artist" and a "hunky swimming champ." Then the festival closes with Fuera De Carta, a farce in which a chef has to deal with the children from his sham marriage and a hunky next door neighbor. 

General admission to most screenings is $11, for more info visit their website

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