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Last Call Comedy Show Launches Tomorrow at Wynwood Brewing Company

Last month local coffee shop/bar Lester's closed down, effectively ending the monthly Mustache Ride Comedy Show run by local comedian Irene Morales. As the tides roll in and out, a new bar opened, the Wynwood Brewing Company, and so has another stand-up show helmed by Irene. The rebranded Last Call Comedy Show is preparing to debut Wednesday, January 29th.

New Times caught up with Irene to find out more about her new monthly stand-up showcase.

New Times: How long did you run the show at Lester's, and what happened?

Irene Morales: Lester's ran for about three years. [Local comedian] Jessica Gross started it and I took over. We ran it the secondnd Wednesday of the month and the only reason it ended was because the venue closed.

How did running the show at Lester's affect you as a comedian?

There's definitely an added pressure, an anxiety, when you're running the show because you're not only thinking about your personal performance, but you're also managing the time of each comedian performing, you want to make sure the audience is enjoying themselves, and that the venue is ultimately happy with the show that's being put on in their establishment.

So for the new venue, you have shaved the mustache.

The name the Mustache Ride Comedy Show was special and unique to Lester's... because of all the pictures of men with mustaches - and some women - that they had on the wall. The new show will be at Wynwood Brewery, and it's going to be called Last Call because it will be the last Wednesday of the month.

And how did you pair up with the WBC?

Yuval Ofir from YoMiami! set up the meeting. He's an avid promoter and supporter of any and all things Miami.

What's cool about the venue?

It's two young guys who started it. It just opened in December. They brew their own beer, they're trying to get their beer out in Miami. They're just two young cool guys down to support local art. I think [local artist] Kazilla has a mural there. They were pretty open and happy to having stand-up comedy at their venue once a month.

What kind of show will Last Call be?

Last Call will be a little more tailored and tight than Lester's was. I'm trying to do less comedians and give them a little bit more time. I've noticed that the Miami audience definitely has some ADD. So I think sometimes too many comedians coming up jars the audience. I guess a more curated show. So it will pretty much be five comedians each show plus the host. It's a pretty cozy little space. I'm pretty excited about it.

The Last Call Comedy Show will be every last Wednesday of the month at Wynwood Brewing Company, 565 NW 24th St, Miami. Showtime is 8 p.m., no cover. The show is hosted by Irene with five features comics each month, including - full disclosure - this excited reporter along with Lisa Corrao, Yannis Pappas, Jessica Gross, and Bradlys Philoctete.

--Daniel Reskin

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