Lance Bass Cops a 'Tude, Says Perez

Former boy-bander Lance Bass was signed copies of his book Out of Sync at the Coral Gables Books & Books last Friday, and we urged you to go, told you how cool it would be. We even promised that you’d be able to grill Lance on his failed attempt at space travel, and his recent leap out of the closet. And Friday evening, we left the offices with a smile on our face, satisfied that all the Miami Bassaholics would finally get their fix.

Then this morning, as we were consulting one of our most trusted news sources, Perez Hilton, we found out that little Lance-y was, according to Perez, “acting cunty toward his fans.” Cathi, a Miamian who learned of Bass’s appearance from our lil’ ol’ calendar section, said that the former N’Syncer was two hours late to his own signing, and once he showed up, he only stayed for 10 minutes! According to Cath, the turnout was less than spectacular, but that was no excuse for Lance’s rude in-n-out routine. We’re hoping he didn’t use that same technique later on that night. Check out Cathi’s e-mail here. --Raina McLeod

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