'Lady Kanye' Elinor Burkett Used to Work at the Miami Herald

Something very strange happened at this year's Oscars: People actually paid attention to the award for Best Documentary Short. That's thanks to "Lady Kanye" Elinor Burkett, who bizarrely interrupted the speech of director Roger Ross Williams, who was accepting an award for their film Music by Prudence.

The two had a falling-out during filmmaking, which led to a lawsuit, but both were still nominated for the picture. Berkett told that Williams's mother cane-blocked her, so she got to the podium late.

Somehow the Miami Herald is to blame.

They realized Burkett used to work there as a features reporter in the late '80s and '90s, and you'll never believe it, but she was kind of crazy then too. Of course, the Oscars' other slightly controversial documentary award acceptance move also has a Miami connection. As we pointed out yesterday, Coconut Grove native Ric O'Barry was the subject of winning film The Cove and held up a sign asking people to text "Dolphin" to a charity number.

In the future, I would like to fully encourage any of my co-workers to crash my Emmy acceptance speech when I win for Best Comedy for an Office-style show I produce based on my experiences at New Times.

Obviously, the moment has already been spoofed by David Letterman.

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Kyle Munzenrieder