Lady Gaga Spotted Shopping on Lincoln Road...or Was She

Stop the presses: Lady Gaga went shopping on Lincoln Road yesterday. (And you thought the big news of the day was the passing of the U.S.'s first female vice presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro.) We don't 100% believe that this understated lady with over-processed blond hair is actually the fame monster. We're more inclined to think it's a Bal Harbour housewife experiencing a case of mistaken identity. (Are those khakis, Gaga? Is MILF the new meat dress? Label us confused.)

But still, PR reps are claiming that the Gag-ster shopped at Guess on Lincoln Road yesterday around noon. According to flack, the Lady, along with her assistant and five security guards, created quite a stir in the store. They eventually shooed out the public so Gaga and her entourage could shop for jeans in peace. Sigh, being a fame monster is so h-a-r-d. Click on for the full-size proof. (UPDATE: Preppy, old, busted Gaga was an impostor. Read the news on Riptide.)

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