LA-Based Canlove, a Graffiti Recycling Program, Comes to Miami

We're way past having to defend the whole "graffiti is art" discussion. But the dozens, if not hundreds, of empty spray paint cans strewn next to even the most spectacular graffiti walls is still a major buzzkill. Luckily, a couple of South Florida boys now living in L.A. are presenting an alternative for dump-and-run sprayers.

DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez met when both worked at advertising giant Crispin Porter + Bogusky in Coconut Grove. They eventually hooked up in California and founded Canlove as a graffiti spray paint can recycling program. It's already getting plenty of traction in L.A. and starting to take root in New York City. And Miami is next up for some Canlove love. After all, the idea was born in Neff's mind as he prowled Magic City streets as a fledgling graf artist. We caught up with these new-age artcycling pioneers and talked about the program, future plans, and what they'll be doing at this year's Art Basel Miami Beach.

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Sebastian del Mármol