L*Space and Luli Fama at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim: Mermaids at Coachella

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim

Day 4: July 21, 2013

L*Space, Luli Fama

at The Raleigh Hotel

1775 Collins Ave., Miami Beach

By day four, we were pros at the game that was Swim Week. We knew that each show customarily ran up to 45 minutes late, so we didn't bother wanting to kill ourselves if we got stuck in a traffic jam or had to actually, you know, eat something. We also knew that sometimes, people who sat in the front row would leave their goody bags when the show was over, so finders keepers.

"Oh look, another Real Housewife" was the recurring theme at the tents this weekend. Our first Bravo-lebrity sighting was cool, but by day four we were nothing short of unenthused to see yet another one of The Real Housewives of Miami and the posse of photographers they attract, who always managed to get in our way when rushing from one show to the next. We also ran into Joe and Melissa Gorga of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but seeing them in person is exactly like seeing them on TV. It really bummed us out that our only celebrity sightings were not of celebrities of any real merit.

But on to what really made our last day of Swim Week special--two of the very best shows we've attended all week, and with the hottest bodies to boot.

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Vanessa Martin