Kitty Hisses at Fatal Attraction

Hello, Kitty:

I fell in love and was intimate with an American guy overseas. He is 57 years old and divorced with two kids, and I am 46. He told me I'm a "special woman" and the best person he has ever met in his whole life. I am a foreigner here in America, so I will need help getting him. After mentioning he has a girlfriend (which I do not think is the case), and after specifying he will call the police if I show up in front of his house (which he didn't when I came over to bring his gifts from overseas), he was surprised to see me in front of his house ... and maybe happy!!! Now I just wait for his email concerning his thoughts and feelings. I think he is a bit afraid of getting into a relationship with all the economic and financial difficulties going on in the world. He's 57 and about to retire!!! What is your point of view, and how should I act??

Syc O. Brahd


fatal attraction

Hey, Syc:

You sound absolutely crazy. What you should do is act like a rational person and wait for this guy to respond to your über-aggressive come-ons. You need to understand that the encouraging words that came out of his mouth — you're a special woman, the best person he has ever met — might have been meaningless. Because news flash, baby: Men lie. Women lie too. And men and women lie even more when in the throes of passion, while having flings with exotic (albeit insane) beauties, and when faced with the prospect of

having a nut case knocking at their door.

I'm not privy to the cause of your desperation, but I advise you to relax and go after someone who shows at least an ounce of interest. If he says he has a girlfriend, Syc, either believe him or believe he's lying to avoid telling you the truth: He's not into you. Sure, he didn't call the police when you showed up, but the fact that you arrived bearing gifts might have had something to do with that. You say he was maybe happy. No, before he knew you had presents, he was in the broom closet shaking in his boots and hoping you would get the fuck off of his doorstep.

I'm sorry he led you to believe your tryst might develop into something. But I feel sorrier for him. He's a playa who finally played the wrong broad. Trust me — this guy didn't make it to 57 just to be murdered by some psycho piece of pussy. He will call the police. Settle down before you catch a case. Meow.

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