Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Skipped TSA Security in New York, Caused Flight Delay

Until recently, the only reason you had to be annoyed at Kim Kardashian was the fact that her face seems to be everywhere. If you were a resident of North Miami last fall, maybe the filming of her reality show added fuel to your anti-Kardashian fire.

But now, the E! network cash cow and her baby daddy Kanye West have begun actively messing with air travel. Is nothing sacred?

Kiki and Kanye were "expedited" to their flight connection at JFK airport in New York City Tuesday morning by an American Airlines employee who let the couple bypass a TSA checkpoint and board their plane unscreened.

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When TSA learned of the security breach, the stars were screened in private in an area of the jetway. The flight was delayed nearly an hour, though American Airlines told TMZ it wasn't entirely due to Kimye's security scandal -- they claim the plane was also waiting to receive baggage from connecting flights. In our experience, that would be the first time any airline had been so considerate.

The couple were returning from a trip to Brazil, where they posed as Jesus in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue. Maybe that God trip went to their heads?

American Airlines has issued a statement taking full responsibility for the incident, saying it was merely "a lapse in judgment by one of our employees," and that the person who escorted the stars past the TSA checkpoint was "starstruck."

But come on, Kimye. You two are not new to air travel. You know you have to take off your shoes and get body scanned and patted down like the rest of us shmucks.

Unfortunately, now you also know you can get away with it. They're getting a little bad press, but they weren't booted from the flight or, according to reports, interrogated about their ulterior motives or terrorist ties. As Gawker's Taylor Berman sarcastically points out, "You know, just the way the TSA would respond if a normal couple skipped through security."

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