Kill Your Idol, Patricia Engel, Jeff Lindsay, and Fashion's Night Out

Hallelujah! A short workweek. Too bad we still have to cram five days worth of making widgets into the remaining four days. Release some steam without blowing through any cash with the following free events. Party with a Haitian Hillbilly, get high brow at Frost, celebrate hometown literary fiction at the Webster, hear about the latest serial killer drama, and shop like you're Anna Wintour.

Tuesday: Have you noticed we've made a conscious shift to using scenester instead of hipster? Well, how's the fit? However you identify, there's a -ster weekly party called Rumble every Tuesday at Kill Your Idol. And there's no cover. Listen to DJ Haitian Hillbilly and down $5 pints of PBR and shots of Jack Daniel's or Southern Comfort.

Wednesday: Two FIU professors have exhibits opening at Frost Art Museum and this Wednesday, they'll discuss "After History," which reflects on end days, and "DEMONS nurture/nature," which, strangely, riffs on both Dostoevsky and ceramic collectibles.

Thursday: You may have read about Patricia Engel in this weekend's New York Times. The local writer's debut collection of stories Vida,

which publishes this week, speaks to the experience of children of

immigrants trying to build a life in America. This Thursday night, the

author appears at a book launch and signing party at the Webster. It's

free, but you need to RSVP. Check back later for own Q&A with Engel.

Friday: Dexter Morgan has been listening to his Dark

Passenger on Showtime for four long seasons so you may not remember that

the Miami-murder-drama is based on a book series by Jeff Lindsay. He'll discuss his newest installment, Dexter Is Delicious, this Friday at Books & Books.

It's a little disingenuous to call Fashion's Night Out a

free event, because the whole point is to lure you into stores after

hours, get you sloppy drunk, then steer you towards the checkout line.

But hey, if you can resist the rampant consumerism, it's free to walk

around and gawk at the spectacle. Later this week, we'll post a guide to

FNO's best Miami events.

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Amanda McCorquodale