Kiliwatch Miami Celebrates One Year in Design District

Kiliwatch Miami: This Design District store is like a mega-fashionista heaven from Paris. With an avant-garde sense of style (at least for Miami's typical boutique) and French owners, Kiliwatch (38198 NE Second Ave., Miami) is its own breed. It's a lifestyle concept store managed by owners and siblings Alban and Paloma de Mazieres. At their store, you can find furniture, books, gadgets, fedora hats, shirts for him, dresses, jeans and whatever else you need to fill your closet. We stopped by their one-year anniversary shindig last night, and spoke with Paloma about Wildfox, Banksy, and street wear.

Fashion BreakdownMiuMiu shoes from Orlando Outlet and Yana K jumper from Kiliwatch. 

New Times:

Describe Kiliwatch's style in three words.
Paloma de Mazieres: Street wear, exotic, different.

What's the best thing of being located in the Design District?
It's up and coming, the fashion around the neighborhood is coming along.

What are your favorite cities?
I love Miami, Paris, and New York

What type of person that walks through your door?
It's a mix, young or old, tourist or local. There is a lot of variety.

What was the brand you first thought about when opening your store?

What are Kiliwatch's staple pieces?
Banksy art work, alien furniture, Acryla plastic Eiffel tower chair.

Name your favorite magazines or fashion blogs.
Vogue Magazine

What's on the playlist around here?
Hip-hop, house. Some Steve Aoki, Chris Brown, and Red Hot Peppers which is one of my favorite bands. 

Your favorite store?

Here are some shots of  Kiliwatch's interior:

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