Kathy Griffin, Chelsea Handler, and Katt Williams: When Comedians Attack

We love ourselves some comedy here at Cultist. From the one-name wonder Godfrey to Margaret Cho, we love anyone who can make us laugh. But we've picked up on a growing trend in the funny business -- comics are getting downright feisty. Everyone from Kathy Griffin to Katt Williams is getting press about their sharp tongues, so we have to wonder: Do they have major built-up anger issues? Or are they just saying what we are all thinking?

Kathy Griffin v. Bristol Pallin: Kathy Griffin has pissed some people off. At Vh1's Divas Salute: The Troops special, she took a shot at Bristol Palin by commenting on her weight during Dancing With the Stars, calling her the "white precious." We're sorry, that is really funny! How the teen mom gained weight while people like Kelly Osbourne credit the show for serious weight loss, we have no idea. But apparently, the troops still love themselves some Palin, because they booed the funny lady for the comment. Really, we're still supporting the ex-Governor? And really, who gives a shit?

We agree that Bristol sucks, and Kathy still gets to hangout with silver fox Anderson Cooper this NYE. Check out Griffin's comments below:

Chelsea Handler v. Angelina Jolie: Everything from Chelsea Handler's fake sex tape to her supposed romance with rapper 50 Cent seems to keep the only lady of late night in the news. Recently she really got people's feathers ruffled when she started talking shit about Angelina Jolie. And while we love Jolie for all the good she does for the world, are we all forgetting she once made out with her brother, was married to Billy Bob Thorton, and was a general weirdo? Well, Miss Handler definitely hasn't forgotten any of that or the face that she stole her BFF, Jennifer Aniston's, ex-hubby Brad Pitt.

Winner: Even though the stand-up where she makes fun of Jolie is quite funny, it's nothing new. But just so you know: We're Team Handler on this.

Katt Williams v. Merion Jospeh Powers: If you've ever caught any of Katt's comedy, you know the man is hilarious. His tiny, little baby-like body keeps us laughing no matter if it is in his movies or his stand-up, but apparently not everyone thinks the comic is so funny. Today we learned that Williams has been ordered to fork over $577,929.00 to an Atlanta record producer. Why? Well, apparently music man Merion Jospeh Powers sued Katt after he apparently racked up a $28k bill in his studio. When he asked Katt for cash, the funny guy showed up to his studio with a dog in tow. And not only that -- Katt's dog attacked the producer inflicting "substantial and nearly life-threatening injuries." We're going to assume his lawyer lost the case because Napoleon Complex wasn't allowed in court.

Winner: Because he makes us giggle with jokes like the below, we're choosing to ignore  the fact that he is maybe a little crazy.

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