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Kat Von D at Pre-Halloween Book Signing in Kendall

No matter how big Kat Von D gets, we know she was nothing before Miami Ink. But, really, we're not bitter about her decision to go back LA. You win some (LeBron), you lose some (Von D). Actually we're happy for the tattoo queen who made it mainstream to have an Emo fetish. Heck, we even think she makes a cute couple with that lecherous, Sandra-Bullock-heart break, jerk-off Jesse James.

That's why we're stoked she'll be back in town this weekend. Ok, so it's not to make up with Miami Ink's Ami James. But who cares. She'll be signing copies of her new book The Tattoo Chronicles at 2 p.m. on Saturday at Barnes & Noble in Kendall.

Read on for more Kat Von Dirt.

Get to the bookstore early because Von D figures not to stick around too long as she's scheduled to be in Orlando on Halloween, and probably wants to swing by Miami Beach to gloat to James: "Ha. Ha. My show is still on air, and yours is not." Wristbands (yeah, wristbands) will be distributed at the bookstore starting at 9 a.m.

Believe it or not, The Tattoo Chronicles is Von D's second book. She works fast and it shouldn't be a surprise considering she was did 400 tattoos in one day. Her first book, High Voltage Tattoo, was released last year and managed to make it to sixth on the New York Times Best Seller list--just another reason to welcome the onset of the apocalypse.

The book is basically an illustrated diary of a year of Von D's life. That means there will probably be a lot of celebrity cameos, a bunch of make up and a lot of tattooing going on. It's sure to be an incredible read. Or, you can just check out her television show. Did we say we weren't bitter?

Kat Von D book signing at 2 p.m. Saturday, October 30 at Barnes & Noble (12405 North Kendall Dr., Miami). Call 305-598-7727 or visit

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