Kanye West Hung Out in Wynwood With La Pandilla Artists Yesterday

On Sunday, Kanye West blessed Wynwood with his presence when he stopped by Wood Tavern. Just in time for the bar's weekly Backyard Boogie, Kanye gave Wynwood his own version of the Colbert bump, pausing to snap the above pic with the artists of La Pandilla, who created the whale mural behind them.

What drew Kanye to the scene? Was it Wynwood's reputation for style? The old-school rap songs spun by the DJ? Was he just really jonesing for a taco?

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Who knows? But one thing is clear: In coming months, Wynwood's established hipster population will have to jockey for position alongside the celebrity stalkers who'll soon be rushing to the artsy neighborhood in the vapid hopes that they'll get to see the man who sexes Kim Kardashian.

Still, it's not all bad. We got to see this great picture, which makes Kanye look like an emotionless robot. He's staring down the camera with such sultry intensity that we now understand why Kim Kardashian fell for him. He looks like wants to make sweet, sweet love to you, whoever you are. Kim, be damned!

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