K-Hole team members at work.
K-Hole team members at work.
Courtesy of K-Hole

K-Hole Collective Is Coming to ICA Miami

Miami is changing and fast. Given current conditions and the rapid evolution of almost every area of the city's culture, it's intriguing (and important) to consider how the future might present itself.

Enter Dena Yago and Sean Monahan. Two of the co-founders of K-Hole, a unique trend forecasting group based in NYC, the two are coming to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) to talk about Miami in an interactive and innovative way. 

K-Hole is a collective of artists, designers, brand strategists and writers. Essentially, they utilize the language of the marketing industry to discuss consumer experience and strategy based on a diverse array of factors — different considerations for each project they embark on.

As part of a residency program at ICA, the two will spend three days collecting a body of research about Miami. They'll analyze potential real estate development, look at different communities, and consider major historical events. The effort will culminate in an interactive workshop — and the public is invited.

Posters promoting K-Hole's work in the NYC subway.
Posters promoting K-Hole's work in the NYC subway.
Courtesy of K-Hole

"K-Hole was invited on the occasion of Guccivuitton's debut museum exhibition at ICA Miami," says Alex Gartenfeld, founding deputy director and chief curator of ICA. "The exhibition engages, among other themes, the relationship between visual arts culture and the world of commerce. Over the last few years, the artist collective K-Hole has staked out an original position that considers the mutual influence of these two fields."

Instead of developing a traditional printed report, the duo will be using video of their presentation and the workshop itself as documentation. Other recent projects by the group include "Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom," "Prolasticity, a Report on Patience" and "Fragmoretation: A Report on Visibility."

"During our residency we will be looking at Miami as a case study for topics that have we continually explore in our reports such as the developments of master planned communities and aspects of luxury fitness," explains Dena Yago of K-Hole. "Sean [Monohan] and I will be taking photographs and doing exploratory writing in the days leading up to the workshop. At the workshop, we will be speaking to an intimate group, opening up the conversation about our findings to the community." 

The event kicks off at 2 p.m. on Saturday, August 8, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, 4040 NE Second Ave., Miami. Admission is free. Visit icamiami.org to RSVP.

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