July Second Saturday Art Walk: More of a Chore Than an Event (Photos)

Art Walk reactions.
Art is one of those subjective things pretentious people love to circlejerk around. Some of it is straightforward and simple to appreciate and understand. Like Piss Christ, for example. It's just Christ submerged in piss. Simple. Elegant.

Then you get the weird shit that you've gotta nod your head in agreement when the artist tells you the yellow smudge on the corner of the canvas is allegory for greedy corporations. When you get right down to it, art is pretty much just shit coming out of someone's ass. Some would have you believe that's what Art Walk is all about.

The truth is, Art Walk has become more of a chore than an event. You're hanging out on Saturday, not sure what you're going to do, when your damn hipster friend decides you're going to Art Walk and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. So now you're there walking around looking at most of the same art you saw last month, maybe taking a break to check out some Jamaican guy cook up some jerk chicken.

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