Joaquin Phoenix Spotted in the Design District

Who's ready for the scenester version of Where's Waldo? These Joaquin Phoenix posters have been popping up in select cities with the pacing of a movie release. First they hit New York and Los Angeles, then Chicago and Boston, and as of this weekend, they've appeared in our very own 305 (specifically at North Miami Avenue and 41st Street). Me thinks this has a lot to do with the impending release of I'm Still Here: The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix, Casey Affleck's docx of the faux hip-hopper, faux crazy man. At least Phoenix's beard is real.

When they popped up in NYC, the Culture Vultures at New York Magazine confirmed that the Phoenix posters are the work of one Shepard Fairey. Come on, would he really sell out like that? That man is nothing but pure artistic integrity. Read on for more images and the trailer, which features Phoenix's illustrious performance at Liv.

I'm Still Here opens September 10 -- that is, if Affleck can stop molesting women. Yeah, it'll probably open regardless of his grabby hands. Watch the trailer below:

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