Jipsy Castillo: The Nefarious Girl Shows Her "Secluded" Side in New Exhibit

Jipsy Castillo, the face of Nefarious Girl, has carved a name for herself into the flesh of Miami's nightlife scene. When the rest of the city was getting down at the club, Castillo was behind the lens to capture it all -- long before the camera became a staple for self-respecting (and self-promoting) party people. Much like the nightlife scene of the city, Jipsy has transformed herself and her work into something beyond Nefarious, while still staying true to her dark elements.

"My nights of clubland in Miami are done.... I think the whole formula for what a great night was has changed.... The art or the culture isn't as gritty as it used to be," Castillo said of moving forward in her stylistic changes.

Presented by the Workshop, Castillo will showcase a unique body of work she has aptly titled "Secluded." Themes of murder, anguish, and loss of self-identity are elegantly translated through photographed images.

Set in the '50s, the exhibit features a city girl emotionally and mentally unraveling after settling into suburbia. Castillo's images take a cinematic approach to documenting the woman's descent in isolation and rage. Her ambiguous style leaves the viewer to piece together the narrative for him/herself.

"It's my vision of what happens... You're just this great city woman and then you end up getting married and leaving for the 'burbs and you realize you don't like this life and then you just snap," Castillo said.

With the help of wardrobe stylist Jessica Bosch, who has worked with Nicki Minaj, Castillo creates real life drama with her images. The opening night will be a look at Castillo's transition from Nefarious to "Secluded" as 15 pieces (narrowed down from hundreds of shots) will be displayed in an intimate setting with cocktails provided by Mandarine Napoléon.

"I think people expect me to show nightlife photography.... This is just inside me and I need to get this out," Castillo said.

Secluded takes place Saturday, October 13 from 7 to 11 p.m. and runs through November at The Workshop, 171 NW 23rf St., Miami. Call 305-573-4141.

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