Jim Drain Talks "Saturday's Ransom" at Locust Projects

When you meet Jim Drain, make sure to look up. Not just at his height, but at the lofty accomplishments he's made in the contemporary art world. The Cleveland-born artist has lived in Miami since 2004, after receiving an invitation to exhibit alongside Ara Peterson at the Moore Space (it was also a bonus moving closer to Bas Fisher Invitational creator and artist Naomi Fisher, whom he's still dating).

Since then, Drain has exhibited at two of Miami's most revered art venues including the Fredric Snitzer Gallery (for the 2005's "Confluence") and O.H.W.O.W (for the 2008 It Ain't Fair and the 2009's ConfectionA Charity Bakesale). And perhaps it bears mentioning his appearances at the 2002 Whitney Biennial, the 7th Biennale de Art Contemporain de Lyon, the Pompidou Center, Deitch Projects in New York, and wait for it...the collection at MOMA.

With the tempest of Art Basel Miami Beach now upon us, Drain takes viewers into a veritable sanctuary plastered with colorful textiles, found illustrations from children's books, and hand-shaped wax in "Saturday's Ransom" at Locust Projects.

Furniture fragments and other sculptural elements create an overwhelming

sense of a cathedral blanketed by the potent shades of stained glass.

Drain transports spectators into the paradox of religious rhetoric and

symbolisms delivered through benevolent imagery and approachable forms.

Contributions from students at the Design and Architecture Senior High

(DASH) make for a dazzling, psychedelic journey into Drain's experiences

of church in his youth. But rather than leadening the space with

typical religious imagery, he deflects the awe and reverence of a sacred

house into the bright swashes and escapism of pop-culture characters.


Drain's "Saturday's Ransom" opens at Locust Projects (155 NE 38th St,

Miami) on Saturday, November 13 from 7 to 10pm. A Conversation with Bass

Museum Chief Curator and Executive Director Silvia Karman Cubina will

take place tonight at 6:30 p.m. Reception will be held on

Thursday, December 2 from 7 to 10 p.m. to coincide with the opening of Art

Basel Miami Beach. Call 305-576-8570 or visit locustprojects.org.

Jim Drain's 'Saturday's Ransom' at Locust Projects

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