Jesus Christ's Nikes, Uncle Six Eyes, and Old School Txt Spk at Aqua Art Fair

Hotel art typically sucks--at least at the joints we've stayed at. Crap watercolored landscapes, generic photographs of generic stuff like clouds and hills, and tacky vases on formica nightstands often make us want to vomit.

However there's one hotel that really knows art--the Aqua. And each year during Basel, the small Collins Avenue property transforms into the "best hotel art fair in the world."

This year's show definitely lived up to its name. We saw some really interesting pieces by some really talented artist. And get this: Jesus Christ's basketball kicks from a 2009 pick-up game were on display. Nuts.

Check out some of our favorite pieces after the jump.

Freeze, bitch. I'm feeling short tempered.

This is what America's projectile vomiting looks like.

Can't do this with an e-reader.

We hear Christ's a beast on the hard court. Watch those elbows, JC.

Txt spk!

Everyone's got a creepy uncle, but this dude might be the weirdest.

Spend a day at Aqua, y'all.

Aqua Art Fair. Runs through Sunday, December 4, Aqua Hotel (1530 Collins Ave, Miami Bech). Admission is $10. Visit www.aquaartmiami.com

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